Basic Level

We have spacious, attractive and airy classrooms for these basic level students. Teacher treat the students without hampering their psychology and the environment is very friendly. We provide hygienic, delicious, healthy food for class 1 to 5 as provided by the government on a routine basis.

Teachers make optimum use of the audiovisuals and Information Technological tools such as computer, multimedia, loudspeaker, TV etc. to motivate and charm students in study. We run classes 1 to 6 fully in English medium with special focused on reading, writing, speaking and listening. As per the request of the parents and people residing in school’s neighborhood, we are running class 7 and 8 both in English and Nepali medium.

We have well equipped computer and science laboratory for class 6,7 and 8 where students can learn all the firsthand information of the subject matter necessary for basic level and the instruments are so adequate that individual students can observe and use them.