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Welcome to Shree Adarsha Secondary School

Shree Adarsha Secondary School was established in the year 2017 B.S. It is Located at the heart of Buddhashanti-02, Jhapa.

We have young, energetic, dedicated & dynamic team of teachers to provide Quality Education based in practical and technology as per the need of the time.

Recently we are running Computer Engineering classes from Class 9 to 12 with the aim of providing Job oriented and Skillful students


Why Shree Adarsha Secondary School

Best Infrastucture

English & Nepali Medium

Computer Lab


Skilled Teachers

Science and Electronics Lab

Karun Kumar Parajuli


Message From the Principal

Dear Students / Parents and Guardians,

It’s my great pleasure to introduce Shree Adarsha Secondary School Buddhashanti- 2 Jayapur as a well-recognized community school of Jhapa. It was founded in 2017 B.S and has managed to stand out among a group of high-quality education providers in the country.

This school, which is always motivated by a noble vision, aspires to make a significant contribution to nation-building. This school has provided time-tested instruction to all of its pupils since the beginning of its existence. It provides a vast array of options, both within and outside of our taught curriculum. This is a proven school with a positive attitude and a belief that anything is possible. We believe in learning by doing in our school. The practical part of schooling is very important to us. All of the faculty as well as teaching members are always striving with their hearts and thoughts to generate virtue in various aspects of life. In addition, we are running technical courses to enhance student’s knowledge towards modern development in science and technology. 

In the coming years, this school hopes to grow and reach a broader segment of the population. Our primary focus and dedication will always be on providing high-quality education. That is our pledge to everyone.

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Latest Updates

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