General Information

Disciplinary Details

Students should maintain the following disciplines rules in the school premises. These rules are made as per the guidance of SMC members:

  1. Proper school uniform is mandatory
  2. Personal Hygiene should be maintained
  3. Junk food is strictly prohibited
  4. Mobile and motorbike are strictly prohibited
  5. Should obey the instructions given by the teachers/instructors

Attendance and Absenteeism

We are very susceptible to the attendance of the students. Our motto is that quality education is achieved only when students attend class regularly. We track the absentees through phone call. Besides very serious illness and very serious emergency cases the students are not allowed to miss class. Minimum 80 percent attendance is mandatory for the students. During examination this attendance is very strictly maintained.

Parents Teacher meetings

Parents, teachers and students are the three major components of quality education. So, we manage parent teachers meeting regularly in order to hear the problems of the students from parent’s perspective and we are always ready to solve the problem as far as possible. We publish the results and grade sheet only in the presence of parents and provide feedback and counsel the students in the presence of parents.


We guide students as per the syllabus prescribed by the Curriculum Development Center.